Western Engraving Inc. produces quality brass embossing, debossing and hand tooled dies for the printing and publishing industry along with paper emboss and foil combination dies with fiberglass counters for many embossing applications.  We make etched texture brass grain plates for embossing textures on yearbook covers or paper sheets.

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About Us

Western Engraving Incorporated was founded in the western Chicago suburb of Villa Park in 1967 and relocated in Washburn, Wisconsin in 1975.  Western Engraving Inc. is a family business that has been dedicated to making quality custom brass embossing dies for many applications. 

Western Engraving Inc. specializes in dies for yearbooks, greeting cards and bottle labels.  Coining dies are also produced for the private mint industry. 

Western Engraving Inc. has a reputation for high quality, competitive prices,
and quick delivery.

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